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The ATF TYPE T-IV is a fully synthetic automatic gearbox fluid developed to fulfill the service fill need of TOYOTA vehicles with AISIN WARNER gearboxes, such as the LGV. It’s specially formulated for high-performance oil that’s used in slip-controlled lockup automatic transmissions. Transmission power is increased by superior features for ...TTMC's new plant, to be built in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, is going to locally assemble Toyota HILUX pickup truck and Toyota FORTUNER SUV. This project is an initiative based on the "MOU on Cooperation for the Development of the Automobile Industry" signed between the Government of Cambodia and Toyota Tsusho as part of the ASEAN ...Sep 23, 2023 · JWS 3309 is a specification for automatic transmission fluids used in certain Toyota, Volvo, and Lexus vehicles. JWS 3309 transmission fluid equivalent includes Mobil ATF 3309, Maxlife ATF by Valvoline, Amsoil ATF, Nulon Multi Vehicle Trans Fluid, and Penrite ATF FS. These fluids meet the required standards and can be used as replacements in ...

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Maxlife ATF @40C = 27.6 cSt @100c = 5.88cst Just basing on the above specs, it can easily be seen why people are having amazing results with Maxlife as a replacement to Toyota WS as it is so close to the Toyota fluid viscosity at both temperatures.MaxLife ATF is a full synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed to meet the needs of the broadest range of transmission designs. MaxLife ATF recommendations are based on a combination of field-testing and laboratorytesting. ... Toyota WS Volvo 1161521, 1161540, STD 1273.41, 97340 VW TL52162, LT71141 ZF TE-ML-14B, 16L, 17C ZF Lifeguardfluid 8Toyota WS is 'non synthetic'. At only $17.00 a gallon @ Walmart, Valvoline MaxLife 100% Synthetic ATF -is a great alternative,to the much more 'expensive' = $10 a quart Toyota WS. Valvoline MaxLife Full Synthetic ATF is compatible with Toyota WS. #1 ski.dive, Apr 23, 2019. Last edited: Apr 23, 2019.

1 Liter Bottle - RAVENOL ATF T-WS transmission fluid. For use in VW automatic transmissions that call for the following transmission fluid types and specs: VW G 055 540 A2. Transmission fluid type used in select 2018-2021 VW Atlas, 2018-2021 VW Tiguan, 2012-2017 VW Beetle, 2010-2018 VW Golf, 2011-2018 VW Jetta, 2012-2017 VW Passat, 2011-2017 VW Touareg models with 6 speed and 8 speed Aisin ...Ravenol T-IV, made in Germany, is a Synthetic that is much higher quality than conventional JWS-3309/T-IV fluids. I and others have talked about the consistency in driving in all temps & miles, and how the transmission performs better compared to conventional fluids. Faster shifting, better cold shifting, better hot shifting, and better longevity.A Refund Anticipation Loan is like a payday loan, but for your tax refund. It's a loan that comes with fees and hefty interest rates, so borrowers... A Refund Anticipation Loan (RA...Call a local Toyota dealership. Ask for a sales representative and let him know that you have bad credit but want to use Toyota Financial. Make an appointment with the sales repres...

Driving Fog Lights Lamps Replacement for 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma, 2007-2012 Toyota Tundra, 2004-2006 Toyota Solara with H10 12V 42W Halogen Bulbs & Wiring Harness Kit (Clear Lens) $37.99. ARP 100-7718 Wheel Stud Kit for Toyota. $39.69. Sunforce 52013 1.8-Watt Solar Battery Maintainer (Pack of 2) $39.15.Jun 18, 2023 · The Volkswagen (VW) G 055 540 A2 transmission fluid is a specially formulated lubricant designed to provide optimal performance, protection, and longevity for VW transmissions. This fluid has been specifically engineered for compatibility with a range of VW vehicles, ensuring smooth gear shifts, reduced wear, and extended transmission life. ….

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Valvoline MaxLife Dex/Merc is a fully synthetic low viscosity ATF (meant to be a multi-vehicle Dexron-VI type). Members have used it in everything Toyota (automatic) with great results. Certainly better than the WS fluid Toyota is peddling for later transmissions. There are syn-blend ATFs such as Walmart Supertech Mercon-V and Supertech Dexron ...Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) called for in owners manuals Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) equivalent.Use these ATF's below plus ONE of the appropriate LUBEGARD products LUBEGARDS's ATF Protectant #60902 is ... (Toyota WS) Volkswagen/ Audi #G 055 025, #G 052 536 A2 *D/M ATF* *D/M ATF*

The ATF used for 4th Gens (2004) and onward is WS fluid and is not the same as Dextron lll fluid (which wasn't used in earlier Toyota auto Transmissions), it is very clearly stated in your owner's manual and also on the power steering pump cap which fluid should be used for the power steering. Don't try to over think it, just read and use what ...Idemitsu ATF Type S Automatic Transmission Fluid (Matic J, Matic D) - 5 Quart -30040101-95300C020. Engineered for and meets the requirements of Nissan/Infiniti Automatic Transmissions with Matic-S/J/D specifications. Outstanding anti-shudder performance and smooth shifting. Excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown, providing ...The Need for an ATF WS Equivalent. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for ATF WS equivalent fluids. This is due to several factors, including the increasing cost of OEM ATF WS fluids, the availability of aftermarket ATF WS fluids, and the need for fluids that can be used in older Ford vehicles that do not require ATF WS fluid.

cracker barrel old country store morgantown menu As far as my research goes, there is no aftermarket equivalent to Toyota WS ATF. Yes, there are quite a few testimonials from folks who have used other ATF fluids including synthetics with no issue. M1, Valvoline MaxLife, etc. This is an old BITOG thread for future reference. Maxlife ATF for Toyota WS - Bob Is The Oil Guy wifey air systemwatson 3203 pill Subaru ATF and ATF-HP applications Toyota/Lexus Type T, T-III, T-IV and WS (except hybrids) applications Honda/Acura ATF-Z1 (except in CVTs) applications Allison C4 and TES-389 applications Mercedes Benz NAG1 applications Volvo passenger car applications and STD 1273.41 Volkswagen TL52162 Voith H55.6335.33(G607) and H55.6335.33(G1363) applicationsToyota. Toyota Atf Type T Iv: V. Automatic transfer oil, fda-compliant, non-flammable, biodegradable, energy-efficient. Tested and approved by Toyota. ... Toyota ATF WS ( Automatic Transmission Fluid ) 1L. 135 Ratings. 113 Answered Questions. Brand: Toyota. More Automotive from Toyota ₱419.00 ₱600.00-30%. Promotions. Min. spend ₱2,000 . craigslist bordentown new jersey Nissan Matic S ATF is an advanced automatic transmission fluid specifically developed for Nissan vehicles equipped with Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs). Crafted as a synthetic fluid, it boasts exceptional features that promote wear protection, high-temperature stability, and excellent performance even in cold conditions. 236 Reviews.In my car manual says that I should use only original Toyota ATF WS fluid or Toyota ATF WS 8ATF, JWS3324, NWS9638. I want to buy Valvoline Maxlife ATF but in my country they sell Maxlife ATF and it is not listed as Toyota WS compatible fluid like Maxlife Multi-vehicle ATF I found on the web. msnbc male news anchorswaterproof sunroof coveroak colored paint Passenger Car Transmission Products Automatic Transmission Products. MAG 1 Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is a balanced advanced formula utilizing superior additive technology and 100% synthetic base oils helping to ensure peak performance of almost any automatic transmission. This premium-quality product meets and exceeds the frictional and ... lmc catalog request Katy, Republic of Texas. Aug 23, 2019. #4. Short answer, there is no Supertech WS fluid. But as said, WS has very similar (won't say identical) fluid specs to Dex VI, and many use it without issues. So Supertech Dex VI would work. And as mentioned, Maxlife ATF works well in WS applications. I have used Maxlife ATF and Havoline Dex …Aisin transmissions aren't very picky about ATF, so I'd use Maxlife which is a great WS equivalent. Ravenol T-WS is listed as applicable for VW 09G, 09K, and 09K transmissions which backs using a Toyota WS equivalent, along with this thread on I would just save a bunch of money and buy Maxlife along with a filter and gasket. pacific beach accident money order tracing requestcolumbus busted Jun 11, 2008 · Toyota WS is 'non synthetic'. At only $17.00 a gallon @ Walmart, Valvoline MaxLife 100% Synthetic ATF -is a great alternative,to the much more 'expensive' = $10 a quart Toyota WS. Valvoline MaxLife Full Synthetic ATF is compatible with Toyota WS. #1 ski.dive, Apr 23, 2019. Last edited: Apr 23, 2019.Toyota ATF WS Equivalent; Tools Menu Toggle. Quarts To Liters; Fuel Cost Calculator; Home. Fluid Compatibility. Nissan CVT Fluid NS-2 Equivalent; Nissan CVT Fluid NS-2 Equivalent. By Andrew Price / September 22, 2023 / Leave a Comment. If you're a Nissan driver, you may be wondering if there's an alternative to the Nissan CVT fluid NS-2 ...